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Jesus Christ
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Posted on Tuesday January 31, 2012







Note: Let each day begin with Praises, Thanksgivings for Pastor E.A Adeboye, his family, The Redeemed Christian Church of God, The Executive Council, RCCG Central Office, Provincial Pastors, Zonal Pastors, Area Pastors, Deacons and Deaconesses ; RCCG Workforce and for yourself.


·         Thank God for the victories, testimonies, miracles ,signs and wonders  provided for us in  the past 60 yrs of existence of RCCG worldwide.

·         Thank God for the blood of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Ghost and His promises that guarantee our victory in battles over the year.

·         Thank God for the expansion of RCCG UK and RCCG worldwide the new structure -its unity and peace.

·         Thank God for our Daddy the General Overseer for keeping Him for the past 70yrs.

·         Thank God for the UK and the events that will take place this year( Royal Coronation celebration, the Olympic, etc.

·         Thank God for revival and spiritual awakening in the UK.

·         Thank God for RCCG programmes FOL, OMC, RCCG Workers Rally, etc in this year of a New Thing.


THANKSGIVING - Jer 30:19, Ps 107: 1-43, Ps 136:1-end, Ps 92:1-5, 103:1- end.:


1.     Father, thank you for making all things go well in 2011 in all RCCG churches.

2.     Father, thank you for the Church Plants and increases in 2011.

3.     Father, thank you for numerical growth in all RCCG Churches in 2011.

4.     Father, thank you for peace and tranquillity experienced in all RCCG Churches worldwide.

5.     Father, thank you for the special grace and strength you gave Daddy G.O and the Leadership in 2011.

6.     Father, thank you for the success of all RCCG programmes in 2011.

7.     Father, thank you for the prophecies youve given us in 2012 and the fulfilment of them all.

8.     Father, we thank you for uncountable miracles, signs and wonders experienced in RCCG in 2011.

9.     Father, thank you for Daddy G.O, Mummy G.O, their family and the protection experienced in 2011.

10.  Father, we thank you because 2012 shall surpass anything we have ever experience in RCCG, in word, increase, increase, miracles e.t.c.

LEADERSHIP - 1Tim 2:1-2, Ps 127:1-2, Ps133: 1-3, Ps 25; 8, Zech 2:5, Is 32:15, 50:4


Col 2:14-15, 2 Cor2:14, 1cor 3:1-10.


  1. Father, grant your son and the leadership of RCCG supernatural strength spirit, soul and body.

  2. Dear Lord, surround the leadership with divine peace, quietness and joy for the work ahead.

  3. Father, place your hedge of protection around the leadership of RCCG. No weapon fashioned against them shall prosper.

  4. Daddy, empower the leadership with unusual wisdom, supernatural, insight to lead your Church to greater heights in all areas.

  5. Dear Lord, let the leadership in all levels be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in fulfilling the vision.

  6. Lord, answer the prayers of our leaders this year that they may be totally focused on the job at hand.

  7. Daddy, let there be fresh apostolic grace upon our leaders to enable unusual expansion for your church, RCCG.

  8. Oh Lord, pour out your spirit afresh upon Daddy G.O, Mummy G.O and their helpers.

  9. In 2012, dear Lord, encourage every leader, visit them and uphold them in righteousness.

  10. Daddy, we uproot, dislodge and frustrate every institution of hell concerning our leadership. We declare there shall be no scandal.

CHURCH GROWTH - Is 60:1-end, Is 55:5, 8-13, Zech 2:4-5, John 17:12, Rom8:28-35, Mt 16:18

  1. Dear Lord, let all our parishes experience unprecedented numerical growth this year.

  2. Daddy, increase the manifestation of signs, wonders and miracles in our Churches to provoke supernatural growth.

  3. Lord, let every RCCG parish begin to experience unusual conversion of sinners to saints this year.

  4. Lord, establish every convert in our parishes this year until they become disciples.

  5. Dear Lord, grant wisdom and insight to our Parish Pastors to know what to do to bring growth.

  6. Oh Lord, establish all our parishes and give them a voice in the Lord.

  7. Daddy, let there be unity in all our parishes that your blessing may be released upon them.

  8. Father, let there be a constant release of fresh word in all our parishes lading to supernatural increase.

  9. Daddy let all RCCG Churches become cities without walls by reason of unprecedented growth through such projects as Vision 1000.

  10. Daddy we condemn, come against and destroy every distraction, disruption, intervention of hell to limit the growth of our Parishes in 2012.

FOR THE NATION U.K - Mt 6:9-10, James 1:17, Ps122:6, 1s 54:17, Is 44:24-27, 2 Chron 7:14, Is 61:11.

  1. Father, we declare peace and tranquillity to prevail in U.K.

  2. 32. Father, we repent of our sins as a nation and pray for you to cleanse us of all unrighteousness.

  3. Father, we pray for our prime minister and the cabinet, for wisdom, courage to make right decision.

  4. Dear Lord, grant our economic leaders wisdom and insight to bring right policies to heal our economy.

  5. Daddy, uphold the Royal Family and the Queen. Let the Queens jubilee anniversary be used to bring souls to your kingdom.

  6. Dear Lord, breathe afresh on all the initiatives which RCCG UK is involved with this year. i.e.  Hope Initiative, Global Day of Prayer (GDOP), National Parenting Initiative (NPI), the London Olympic Games, etc to achieve eternal purpose.

  7. Daddy, we pray for all levels of government in UK for wisdom of God and Divine help to govern and fulfil heavens mandate.

  8. Father, in 2012, please expose and bring to judgment every intention of terrorists and non-favourable agendas of lobbyists against your purpose in U.K.

  9. Daddy, raise bold people up across the land who will declare your counsel and stand for righteousness.

  10. Dear Lord, Let UK experience Divine visitation this year that your Kingdom truly may come.

FULFILLMENT OF PROPHECY & MEMBERS - Is55: 10-11, Is 43:19, Ps 121:1-2, Ps 102:13, Deut 28:1-14, Jer 30:17-20, Is 10:27


  1. Father, let every member of RCCG experience divine help this year.

  2. Father, in 2012, let every RCCG member experience new promotion, new miracles and new testimonies in Jesus Name.

  3. Dear Lord, let there be unusual healing of all terminal disease in our member the year, (cancer, AIDS etc).

  4. Daddy, let everyone waiting for the fruit of the womb receive their miracle babies this year

            as you terminate all forms of barriers in Jesus Name.

45. Oh Lord, let every troubled, unstable and difficult marriages in RCCG membership be

       healed this year and grant them new wine.

46. Father, in this 2012 fast, let every eligible single waiting for marriage be located this year

            and let there be marriages in Jesus Name.

 47. Daddy, by prophecy, let family histories of RCCG members be re-written this year

      in Jesus Name.

48. Daddy, let there be an end to family premature death in Jesus Name.

49. As you have prophesied, let our members experience the massive transfer of wealth this

      year in Jesus Name.

50. Father, let there be an excellent spirit upon our members, academically. Let our students

      and professionals be above only and never beneath in Jesus Name.

PERSONAL SUPPLICATION - Is55: 10-11, Is 43:19, Ps 121:1-2, Ps 102:13, Deut 28:1-14, Jer 30:17-20, Is 10:27


     51. Daddy, this year, hasten to perform your promises in my life and family.

     52. Father, let there be an unusual outpouring of your blessings upon our life and my


      53. Daddy, keep me safe, holy, and sinless this year that I may please you in all I do.

      54. Father, let 2012 be A Year of New Things for me in every ramification in Jesus Name.

      55. Father, plead my cause this year and let me arise in your power, glory and

      56. Daddy, let every delayed blessing of mine be released speedily this year.

      57. Oh Lord, wipe away my tears and usher me in a New season of laughter, joy and power.

      58. Father, scatter and put to flight every confederacy of hell against my destiny.

      59. Daddy, throughout this year 2012, let the blood speak for me, my household etc.

      60. Oh Lord, shorten the distance between where I am and where I ought to be this year.



       From the National Director of Prayer, RCCG UK, Pastor Sola Oludoyi