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Personal Relationship
Posted on Monday April 15, 2013

What do we know about these "good" men mentioned in Acts 19:13-14?

We know:

1. They were not sinners
2. They knew God
3. Their father was even a high priest
4. They were not fakes or fraudsters
5. They intended to help
6. They had grace (See Matthew 5:45)
7. They had respect for Paul

Yet, they failed, dismally.

Why? It is simple:

They lacked a vital ingredient for God's authority and power -a personal relationship with God. Not their father's relationship with God. Not Paul's relationship with God. But, they did not know God, personally or directly. It was through others that they knew God, and His qualities. This is okay for babies in the Lord, but it is not okay for men or those who want God to do mighty things through them. Read 1 Corinthians 3:2.

As a Christian, to get to the next level of anointing, power and authority, we must have a direct and personal relationship with God -not with our father, friend or pastor! When you have that relationship with God, He will anoint you with the Holy Spirit and power that you may do exploits in His name. Read Acts 10:38.

Work on it. God's near you, and waiting to answer your call for a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. Go ahead and do just that, now.