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Jesus Christ
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Posted on Sunday September 11, 2011


1 Corinthians 9:27 and be not cast away after preaching to others.

Intro: He does God’s work –evangelising (Do we?). But, is conscious to observe what he preaches.

·         Locating yourself in God’s word

·         Preaching Jesus to others –by word and lifestyle

Body: Daniel 1:8 (from verse 5) Daniel refused the allure that many will kill for.

·         Denying self to please God.

·         What shall a man give in exchange for his soul (see Mark 8: 34 – 38)?

James 1: 22 – 27: Doers of the word

·         How many hear the word (attend Sunday School, Digging Deep or remember last Sunday’s message), not to talk of doing it?

·         How many of us visit or even call our brethren?

·         Who are our role models in conversation, dressing, etc?

·         Are we unspotted from or do we STRIVE to belong to the world (see further John 17:15 - 16 & 1 John 5:19)

Finally: Ezra 7:10 Ezra was prepared to know God’s ways and to follow them, then them to others. As I close this message, please note these questions down;

·         Are you prepared for Christ’s coming?

·         Who do you seek to please, yourself or God?

·         What are your principles?

·         How is your neighbour?

Bear Mark 8:38 in mind always.

Though the above is just a note. As you ponder them and follow the Bible verses, I know God will reveal more to you. LIt will be appropriate if you could pray at this point for God to help  you get prepared, fill you with His love and passion for His work and, the lives of other.