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He knows my name!
Posted on Friday November 04, 2011

1 Samuel 16:11-12 and Isaiah 49:15
The Lord said even if the mother can forget her suckling child, He will not forget me. That it is impossible for Him to forget me.

While David's brothers were pursuing personal ambitions, career, mingling in the society and serving their king, he was in the bush mingling with animals and serving their father. Though he was tending the family herd, the father and brothers forgot he existed when the family was called to assemble -he was not counted. Even his faithful service was not enough to remind them. His handsomeness and the danger he is exposed to with the wild beasts of the bush did not even count!

Family, friends, colleagues, associates, classmates and others may forget me. But, God will not! He created me in His image, with attention to every detail. He knows me better than I, or anyone else, do. He knows my name.