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Do the work of an Evangelist
Posted on Sunday November 06, 2011

Mark 5:14 – 20

Introduction: The day you were saved is a remarkable day -a remarkable and very wonderful one! Ephesians 2: 8 – 9 shows that your salvation is not your own fruit or achievement and you do not earn badges for that. But what your salvation does is that it offers you a platform to witness or reach out from.

Body: The man who Christ delivered from the legion of demons, undoubtedly experienced a phenomenal event in his life. Many of us have had encounters with the Lord; we have weekly testimonies that we share in church -even our salvation experience, these are all things we could speak about and share with others.Especially, share them with people outside the church. Who can tell your own experiences and stories better than yourself? Share your Christian experiences, the miracles, wonders and marvellous works of Christ in your life, with your friends and others. Testify! 2 Timothy 4:5 challenges us to evangelise and truly prove our ministry of the great commission from Christ. Are we obeying Christ in this regard?

Christ redeemed us from the world and destruction, unto Himself. We were separated from the world system, to live a new in Christ. Why do we still want to return to our old ways -the way of the world?

·         Where is the change in you (see 2 Corinthians 5:17)?

·         Your attitude, language and dressing, where do you get them from?

Why were you changed?

To know God and lead others to know Him. Look at it this way, you were saved and recruited. Looking back to our Bible passage, we can see both points there in the man's encounter with Christ:

·         Jesus saved him from demons and destruction, first.

·         Finally, Jesus sent him to tell others what wonderful thing has happened to him through Christ. That is, "go and do the work of an evangelist” -to publicize Christ. See Acts 1:8.

Starting from your family and friends, your neighbours and colleagues and unto the outer parts. But, many seem ashamed to share Christ -they do not want people to know they are Christians, because they think they may be ridiculed concerning their faith. Well, if you feel like that, then I dare say you really have not met Christ. The man delivered from Christ was not ashamed when almost the entire city came to look at him. Neither did he shy away from going about and telling people his experience with Christ. Pray that Jesus will do things in your life that will be to marvellous to hide from others.

Perhaps, reading and meditating on Ephesians 2: 1 - 10 may set you on the right course.

Finally: If you are in Christ, where are the fruits to show it? John 15:5

If you have received Christ and you are still as you were before the encounter, then better check again if Christ is truly in you. Because, if He is, there must be fruits to prove it. You can not be barren if you are in Christ. You were saved to bear fruits.

Go out there and share your Christian experiences with your friends, family members, neighbours and colleagues. Start from there.